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IOT Air & Water Quality Monitoring System

1. IOT Air & Water Quality Monitoring System----The cost of the project is 8000/-,

2. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System,

3. iot based water quality monitoring system,

4. The Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in IoT Environment,

5. A Smart Environmental Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things,

6. Smart Water Sensors to monitor water quality in rivers, lakes,

7. Valarm Industrial IoT Applications – Real-time air quality monitoring,

8. Multi-sensor system for remote environmental (air and water) quality,


10. Monitoring of Turbidity, PH & Temperature of Water Based on IOT,

11. iot air & sound pollution monitoring system,

12. iot air & sound pollution monitoring system pdf,

13. air pollution monitoring system project,

14. air pollution level monitoring over internet using iot,

15. the real time monitoring of water quality in iot environment pdf,

16. internet of things water quality monitoring,

17. iot based water quality monitoring system,

18. air pollution monitoring system pdf,

19. A Study on Pollution Monitoring system in Wireless Sensor Networks,

20. Wireless sensor network based water quality monitoring system using ZIGBEE,


22. iot based industrial pollution monitoring system,

23. IEEE 802.15.4 Based Water Quality Monitoring System,

24. online River Water and Air Quality Monitoring (WAQM) systems,

25. Implementation of an Efficient Noise and Air Pollution Monitoring,

26. Low Cost Online Water Quality Monitoring - scan,

27. IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring - IJMTER,

28. Planning of water quality monitoring systems,

29. A Review on Real Time Water Quality Measurement using IOT,

30. Portable RF-Sensor System for the Monitoring of Air Pollution,

31. Smart Water Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network,

32. On the Development of a Sensor Module for real-time Pollution,

33. Design of a Water Environment Monitoring System Based on IOT,

34. The Internet of Things: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes,

35. Pollution Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network,

36. Polludrone A Solar Powered IoT Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System,

37. Development of Remote Water Quality Monitoring System,

38. a survey on wireless sensor networks application for air pollution,

39. Intel ties up with govt for water, air quality monitoring systems,

40. Research Initiative for Real Time River Water and Air Quality Monitoring,

41. Water Quality Monitoring System for River Gangas,

42. Sensor Web for River Water Pollution Monitoring and Alert System,

43. Govt and Intel join hands for developing solutions for real-time air and water,

44. Water and Air Quality Monitoring' (WAQM) systems,

45. Web Based Air Pollution Monitoring System - International Journal,

46. A Report on Environmental Information System on GIS Platform,

47. Design of low-cost autonomous water quality monitoring system,

48. IoT@School: An IoT Implementation for Monitoring Air Quality,

49. Summer projects for Dept. of IT students in the summer 2018,

50. Design of low-cost autonomous water quality monitoring system,

51. Wireless Water Monitoring System for Aquaculture and Environmental,

52. Monitoring air quality in a smart city using a sensor network,

53. Air Pollution Monitoring System based on Wireless Networks,

54. Industrial pollution monitoring system using LabVIEW and GSM,

55. Aquaculture Monitoring and Control Systems,

56. Monitoring Turbidity at Dredging Sites - Environmental Measurement,

57. Air Quality Monitoring Equipment: Ambient Pollution Sensors,

58. Sensing Impacts: Remote Monitoring Using Sensors - Innovations,

59. Smart City Solutions | Energy, Air Quality, Noise, Waste & Water,

60. Air quality and the Internet Of Things | The Network - Cisco Newsroom,

61. A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Based Air Pollution Monitoring,

62. Adopting the internet of things technologies in environmental - ipcbee,

63. The challenges and benefits of local air quality monitoring,

64. Arduino Microcontroller Based Online Ambient Monitoring Using wireless sensors,

65. Ambient monitoring Arduino microcontroller Internet of Things Wireless sensors,

66. design of air-pollution monitoring system using zigbee - International,

67. Underwater Sensor Networks for Water Quality Monitoring Project ,

68. Implementation of Smart Sensor Interface Network for Water Quality,

69. Online Monitoring Of Water Quality Using Raspberry Pi3 Model B,

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