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GSM Based Interactive Voice Response System Through Mobile Commands

1. GSM Based Interactive Voice Response System Through Mobile Commands.,

2. Automatic Ration Material Distributions Based on GSM and RFID,

3. ARM 7 Based Smart Monitor and Control on Bus Stand – YouTube,

4. Iot Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System – YouTube,

5. A Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless

6. Vehicle control system implementation Using CAN protocol – YouTube,

7. Air Pollution Monitoring System using LabVIEW – YouTube,

8. IVRS For College Automation,


10. GSM based interactive voice response system (IVRS) - IEEE Xplore,

11. GSM based Interactive Voice Response System for Wireless Load,

12. GSM based interactive voice response system for wireless load control through his mobile by sending Commands,

13. voice response system for wireless – IJRTER,

14. Efficient Interactive Control System based on GSM – ijltet,

15. remote control of different appliances through SMS messages,

16. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as well as GSM,

17. Design of Interactive Voice Response System for Three Phase – IRJET,

18. IVR System for three phase motor protection, Control and Alert system,

19. Mobile and Ubiquitous Commerce: Advanced E-Business Methods,

20. 30+ DTMF Projects for Engineering Students - Electronics Hub,

21. Modeling an IVR System using GPRS enabled devices and ,

22. Guidelines for Delivery Channels for Provision of Public Services,

23. What is the cheapest way to setup an Interactive Voice Response,

24. 70+ GSM Based Projects for Engineering Students - Electronics Hub,

25. Developing an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR),

26. Voice Based Student and College Information System – ijiere,

27. Voice Response System for Parents of Hostel Students – IJIRCCE,

28. IVRS Based Intelligent Train Position System – IJESC,

29. Arduino based Home Automation System: A Survey – International,

30. IVRS for Three Phase Motor Control using GSM with Android,

31. control and monitoring of wireless load using ivrs by dtmf –

32. Mobile Monitoring System for Smart Home - Takeoff Projects,

33. Home Automation and Energy Management using Android App,

34. GSM Based Home Automation with IVRS System and Voice Control,

35. home automation through voice command and gsm technology,

36. GSM Based Home Automation System Using App-Inventor for Android,

37. Android Application for Single Phase Motor Control Using IVRS,

38. ECE final year projects for B.Tech & M.Tech students | IEEE 2018,

39. Innovative ECE Final projects list 2013 - Embedded Systems Live,

40. IVRS System for College,

41. IOT based industrial automation using AT89S52,


43. IOT & Android based Smart Parking slot Monitoring System,

44. IOT & Android Based Teleremote Humidity monitoring & Control System,

45. IOT & Android Based Temprature Monitoring & Control System,

46. IOT 2 IOT Based Online Traffic Congestion monitoring & management system 1,

47. IOT 29 Rolling MIlls Sheet Roll Lenght Remote Monitoring and Machine Control Over Internet,

48. IOT 30 IOT Based Vehicle Health Monitoring System,

49. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System,

50. IOT based Artificially Intelligent Self Diagnosing Smart Refrigerator,

51. IOT Based Artificially Intelligent Self Diagnosing Washing Machine,

52. IoT based Biometrics implementation on Raspberry pi,

53. IOT Based Centalized Remote Sensing for Early Flood Detection,

54. IoT Based Driver Assistant with Vehicle Diagnostics,

55. IOT based Green house monitoring and controlling system,

56. IOT Based Home Automation,

57. IOT Based Home Automation-Smart way to controlling your home from anywhere,

58. IOT Based Industry Automation,

59. IOT based industry equipment control with predective maintanance analysis,

60. IOT based irrigation system with soil wet data threshold settings for different seasons,

61. IOT Based Landslide Detection & its Remote Avalanche Prevention Alerting System
62. IOT Based Office Automation,

63. IOT based online Weather Report streaming with graphs,

64. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection,

65. IOT Based Remote Automated Irrigation Control System,

66. IOT based Remote machines status monitoring and controlling in industries,

67. IOT Based Sky Level Monitoring Snow Level,

68. IoT based smart data logging & visualization system,

69. IoT Based smart health monitoring system,

70. IoT based Smart HealthCare Kit,

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