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1. GSM based interactive voice response system for wireless load control and monitoring
2. IoT-based monitoring system using tri-level context making model for smart home
3. Redundancy based WEP routing technology (IoT-WSN)
4. A Internet of Things Framework for Smart Energy in Buildings: Designs, Prototype, and
5. Smart home for elderly care, based on Wireless Sensor Network
6. RFID-based system for school children transportation safety enhancement
7. Design issues and solutions in a modern home automation system
8. A ZigBee based reliable and efficient power metering system for energy management and
9. A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System
10. An emergency rescue dispatch system for road vehicles for instant notification of road
accidents and post crash analysis.
11. Design and development of android mobile based bus tracking system.
12. GPS based real time Emergency Aid System with analysis of latency in satellite
13. Vehicle location finder using Global position system and Global System for Mobile
14. Real time metropolitan bus positioning system design using GPS and GSM
15. ARM11 based RFID access control system with Live Image Capture
16. Optical Flow Motion Detection on Raspberry Pi
17. The design and implementation of circuit breaker on-line monitoring device
18. Raspberry Pi based interactive home automation system through E-mail
19. Design of a solar tracking system for renewable energy
20. A plug-n-play internet enabled platform for real time image processing
21. Real Time Operating System on embedded linux with ultrasonic sensor for mobile robot
22. Smart home automation system for energy efficient housing
23. Liquid level control of Coca-Cola bottles using an automated system
24. Design of tracked robot with remote control for surveillance
25. Design of Greenhouse Temperature Detection System Based on Linear Offset
26. Design and implementation of a low-cost embedded Linux gateway for smart home
health monitoring
27. Face identification implementation in a standalone embedded system
28. Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity
29. Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using zigbee-integrated
raspberry Pi single board computer via Modbus
30. Using of Raspberry Pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers
31. Bluetooth communication using a touch screen interface with the Raspberry Pi
32. Development of Fire alarm system using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno
33. GPS data logger using Linux single board computer
34. Number plate recognition and automatic gate opening system using Raspberry Pi
35. Image processing based Vehicle Number plate recognition and alerting system
36. Design and development of online weather station and data upload to cloud in internet of
37. Web-browser controller robot using the Raspberry pi With this project, we demonstrate
how to control a robot directly from the browser of any computer, tablet, or phone.
38. Twitter weather station Raspberry Pi weather and time station that Tweets the
temperature and the time, using Python.
39. Raspberry Pi based Home Automation.
40. Sixth Sense Technology for Home automation.
41. Design and development Of PIC microcontroller based vehicle monitoring system using ControllerArea Network (CAN) protocol
42. Controller Area Network for intelligent vehicular systems
43. Design and implementation of real time embeddedtele-health monitoring system
44. Intelligent Monitoring and Control Rendered to Street Lighting
45. Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Human Body Temperature Signals
46. Implementation of children tracking system on android mobile terminals
47. ARM Hardware Plaform for Vehicular Monitoring andTracking
48. GPRS-based remote sensing and teleoperation of a mobile robot
49. Cloud Controlled Intrusion Detection and Burglary Prevention Stratagems in Home
Automation Systems
50. Design of remote data acquisition system based on 3G
51. GPRS-Based Embedded Remote Power Management System
52. Hardware Design of The Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System Based on GPRS
53. The Design of Remote Medical Monitoring System Based on Sensors and GPRS
54. Design of a GPRS-based mobile patient-care System
55. Intelligent Home System Based on ZigBee and GPRS technology
56. GPRS-Based Fault Monitoring for Distribution Grid
57. Home Automation using Cloud Network and mobile devices
58. Wireless Smart Power Saving System For Home Automation

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