Saturday 1 August 2020

Top 10 Best ESP32 project ideas | IoT(Internet Of Things) Projects Of Al...

Top 10 Best ESP32 project ideas | IoT(Internet Of Things) Projects Of All Time | 2020.

1. Smart Shopping Using QR Code and ESP32-CAM | IOT

2. QR Code Based Bus Name Announcement System in Bus Stops | ESP32CAM QR Code Recognition

3. ESP32 Capacitive Touch Switch Board for Home Automation

4. Alcohol Detection System with Engine Locking using ESP32 and Telegram App | IoT

5. Control ESP32 Mobile Robot Using Android Telegram App | IOT

6. Track a Vehicle Using Telegram App and Live Location on Google Maps With ESP32

7. ESP32 GPS Tracker With an LCD Display

8. Telegram App Controlled Home Automation Using ESP32 | IOT

9. ESP32-CAM PIR Intruder Alert with Photo Capture and Send Image to Telegram App

10. Gas Alert System with IoT and Telegram App Using ESP32

11. IOT Based Distance Measuring System Using ESP32

12. QR Code Based Door Lock System using ESP32-CAM

13. RFID Based Automated Smart Shopping Trolley Using Raspberry Pi

14. ESP32CAM QR Code Reader | ESP32-CAM-QR Code Scanner

15. ESP32 CAM Based Video Surveillance Robot Over WiFi | Ai-Thinker ESP32-CAM Arduino IDE

16. ESP32-CAM Video Streaming Camera Over WiFi | Security Camera System for Home - IP (ESP32 - OV2640)

17. Arduino RGB LED Control using Bluetooth Android App

18. BarCode Scanner Interfacing with Arduino + USB Host Shield Module + 16x2 LCD Display

19. Arduino Joystick Control Car | Wireless Joystick Controlled Robot Car using 433Mhz RF and Arduino

20. Efficient Accident Vehicle Detection and Notification System Based on Raspberry Pi 3

21. ESP32 Home Automation Using in Built Bluetooth |Control Home Appliance Using ESP32 BLE + Android App

22. NodeMCU | ESP8266 | Arduino | IoT Based Railway Track Crack and Obstacle Detection Robot - GSM - GPS

23. ARM LPC2148 Based Smart City & IOT based Garbage Management System

24. Remote Patient Monitoring: Wearable Healthcare Devices Through IoT with Remote Patients

25. WiFi Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using NodeMCU

26. 14 Days With a Quarantine Tracker Wristband - Home Quarantine Location Tracking fixed Wristband

27. IVRS Based Home Automation with Immediate Voice & SMS Feedback Using Arduino TTS - GSM SIM800L DTMF

28. Control LED'S Using Arduino with SIM800L DTMF and SMS feature

29. IoT Applications on Secure Smart Shopping System using ESP32 | RFID

30. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using Arduino with IR Remote

31. IoT Project : Home Automation and Weather Monitor Using NodeMCU with Cayenne

32. SMS Monitor || P10 LED Scrolling Text Display || Arduino || SIM800L

33. Home Security System Based on Smoke, Fire, Pir and Door Sensor's Alert Using MSP430G2553 LANCHPAD

34. Analog Clock Display using Arduino with TFT LCD

35. Smart Wristband buzzes to stop me touching my face

36. ESP32 Based Web Server for Temperature and Humidity Monitor using DHT11 Sensor

37. ESP32 Web Server Home Automation Control AC Appliances

38. Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen GSM Mobile Phone

39. Arduino Fingerprint Sensor Based Door Lock Security System | Interfacing R307 Fingerprint Scanner

40. Tracking down the Vehicle Collision Detection and Messaging System using GPS and GSM

41. Sensor Data Monitoring Over CAN BUS Using Arduino | Interfacing MCP2515 CAN BUS Module with Arduino

42. How to Make A Simple WiFi Controlled Robot Car (NodeMCU) | Wifi RC Car ESP8266 App - NodeMCU (ESP12E)

43. Weather Station: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Arduino 2.4″ TFT LCD Touch Shield - SPFD5408

44. Control FAN Speed and LIGHT using TV Remote

45. Smart Crop Protection From Wild Animals With Alert Using Arduino | Field Sensor Monitoring with WiFi

46. How to Transfer Data From One USB Hard Drive to Another USB

47. IoT based Precision Agriculture


49. Blood Bags Weight Monitoring Using 2 load cells

50. GSM Motor Pump controller (Mobile Motor Starter) | Automatic Mobile Starter | Mobile pump starter

51. Bus Boarding System for Visually Impaired Passengers

52. Design and Implementation of RFID-based Fuel Dispensing System

53. Cable Fault Detection System with SMS Notification using Arduino, GSM and GPS

54. 2.4'' TFT Touch Screen Restaurant Menu Ordering System Using Arduino

55. IoT Based Air, Water, Noise, Dust, Humidity, Gas, CO and Temperature Monitoring System using Arduino


57. i2c lcd with nodemcu | Interface I2C LCD Using ESP8266 NodeMCU | I2C LCD on NodeMCU With Arduino IDE

58. GPS + GSM Based Underground Cable Fault Detection with Arduino

59. Electric Shock + GPS Hand Glove Developed to help Women's Safety & Self Defense

60. GSM Based Motor Controller in Irrigation by Using Sensor's [ Soil Moisture + Tank Water Level ]

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