Sunday 9 August 2020

QR Code Based Smart Rationing System Using ESP32-CAM and GSM - Ration Su...

QR Code Based Smart Rationing System Using ESP32-CAM and GSM - Ration Subsidy and SMS Alert

1. Automation in Rationing System Using QR code,

2. QR Authenticated Smart Ration Distribution System,

3. QR Codes In Ration Management: Make The System,

4. qr code based ration system,

5. e-ration distribution system based on qr code,

6. Real Time Monitoring and Logging of Ration System with QR,

7. E-Ration Distribution System Based on QR- Code,

8. Public Food Distribution System Using QR Code,

9. Smart Rationing System By Using GSM And QR-code,

10. Smart Ration Card System Using QR Code and One Time,

11. E-Ration Distribution System based on QR-Code,

12. Smart Rationing System By Using ESP32-CAM And QR-code,

13. ESP32 SIM800L: Send Text Messages (SMS Alert) with,

14. E-Ration Distribution System by Sending QR- Code,

15. RFID and GSM based Automatic Rationing System using LPC2148,

16. Smart home automation | Security system using Esp32 Cam | Smart Security camera Telegram & Line app,

17. Gas Alert System with IoT and Telegram App Using ESP32,

18. IOT Projects : RFID Based Mobile Payment System Using GSM - GPRS Network,

19. Aadhar Card Enabled Automatic Ration Distribution using RFID,GSM AND FINGERPRINT,

20. Automatic Ration Material Distributions Based on GSM and RFID,

21. qr code and GSM based Automatic Rationing System using LPC2148,

22. Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication,



25. Automation in Rationing System Using ARM7 LPC2148,

26. A Smart E-Ration System using QR Code to Prevent Corruption,

27. automatic ration material distribution using GSM and RFID Technology,

28. Smart Ration Delivery system with RFID and GSM,

29. Smart Ration Distribution System by using RFID and GSM Technology,

30. BMP180 Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor with 2.4" TFT LCD and Arduino,

31. IOT Device For Fire Alarm System using ESP32 || Telegram App Notification Alert || Google Maps Link,

32. BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor Module – Arduino + LCD,

33. Top 10 Best ESP32 project ideas | IoT (Internet of Things) Projects of All Time | 2020,

34. Smart Shopping Using QR Code and ESP32-CAM | IOT,

35. QR Code Based Bus Name Announcement System in Bus Stops | ESP32CAM QR Code Recognition,

36. ESP32 Capacitive Touch Switch Board for Home Automation,

37. Alcohol Detection System with Engine Locking using ESP32 and Telegram App | IoT,

38. Control ESP32 Mobile Robot Using Android Telegram App | IOT,

39. Track a Vehicle Using Telegram App and Live Location on Google Maps With ESP32,

40. ESP32 GPS Tracker With an LCD Display,

41. Telegram App Controlled Home Automation Using ESP32 | IOT,

42. ESP32-CAM PIR Intruder Alert with Photo Capture and Send Image to Telegram App,

43. Gas Alert System with IoT and Telegram App Using ESP32,

44. IOT Based Distance Measuring System Using ESP32,

45. QR Code Based Door Lock System using ESP32-CAM,

46. RFID Based Automated Smart Shopping Trolley Using Raspberry Pi,

47. ESP32CAM QR Code Reader | ESP32-CAM-QR Code Scanner,

48. ESP32 CAM Based Video Surveillance Robot Over WiFi | Ai-Thinker ESP32-CAM Arduino IDE,

49. ESP32-CAM Video Streaming Camera Over WiFi | Security Camera System for Home - IP (ESP32 - OV2640),

50. Arduino RGB LED Control using Bluetooth Android App,

51. BarCode Scanner Interfacing with Arduino + USB Host Shield Module + 16x2 LCD Display,

52. Arduino Joystick Control Car | Wireless Joystick Controlled Robot Car using 433Mhz RF and Arduino,

53. Efficient Accident Vehicle Detection and Notification System Based on Raspberry Pi 3,

54. ESP32 Home Automation Using in Built Bluetooth |Control Home Appliance Using ESP32 BLE + Android App,

55. NodeMCU | ESP8266 | Arduino | IoT Based Railway Track Crack and Obstacle Detection Robot - GSM - GPS,

56. ARM LPC2148 Based Smart City & IOT based Garbage Management System,

57. Remote Patient Monitoring: Wearable Healthcare Devices Through IoT with Remote Patients,

58. WiFi Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using NodeMCU,

59. 14 Days With a Quarantine Tracker Wristband - Home Quarantine Location Tracking fixed Wristband,

60. IVRS Based Home Automation with Immediate Voice & SMS Feedback Using Arduino TTS - GSM SIM800L DTMF,

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