Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sensor Data Monitoring Over CAN BUS Using Arduino | Interfacing MCP2515 ...

Sensor Data Monitoring Over CAN BUS Using Arduino | Interfacing MCP2515 CAN BUS Module with Arduino | TEMP - HUMIDITY - LDR - GAS - FIRE SENSORS.

1. Weather Station: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Arduino 2.4″ TFT LCD Touch Shield - SPFD5408

2. Control FAN Speed and LIGHT using TV Remote

3. Smart Crop Protection From Wild Animals With Alert Using Arduino | Field Sensor Monitoring with WiFi

4. How to Transfer Data From One USB Hard Drive to Another USB

5. IoT based Precision Agriculture


7. Blood Bags Weight Monitoring Using 2 load cells

8. GSM Motor Pump controller (Mobile Motor Starter) | Automatic Mobile Starter | Mobile pump starter

9. Bus Boarding System for Visually Impaired Passengers

10. Design and Implementation of RFID-based Fuel Dispensing System

11. Cable Fault Detection System with SMS Notification using Arduino, GSM and GPS

12. 2.4'' TFT Touch Screen Restaurant Menu Ordering System Using Arduino

13. IoT Based Air, Water, Noise, Dust, Humidity, Gas, CO and Temperature Monitoring System using Arduino


15. i2c lcd with nodemcu | Interface I2C LCD Using ESP8266 NodeMCU | I2C LCD on NodeMCU With Arduino IDE

16. GPS + GSM Based Underground Cable Fault Detection with Arduino

17. Electric Shock + GPS Hand Glove Developed to help Women's Safety & Self Defense

18. GSM Based Motor Controller in Irrigation by Using Sensor's [ Soil Moisture + Tank Water Level ]

19. Petrol Bunk Automation with Prepaid Card using GSM Identification

20. IoT Based Water Level Monitoring System

21. Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using Internet of Things (IOT)

22. Automated Smart Trolley with Smart Billing Using Arduino | RFID Based Smart Shopping Cart

23. Traffic Signal Management and Control System using Arduino with 4 servo motors

24. Hand Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino | How to Make a Gesture Control Robot

25. Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Alert System Using GSM, GPS, MEMS, VIBRATION and SOS

26. How to Make VOICE CONTROLLED Car by using ARDUINO

27. Women Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts

28. GPS + GSM Based Smart Blind Stick Tracking System Project

29. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations

30. IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project

31. Reading GPS Data With a Raspberry Pi | GPS on Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi GPS reading

32. Smart Glove For Deaf and Dumb using Arduino Controls Remote Devices

33. voice based notice board using android and arduino

34. Voice Control Home Automation System Using Arduino

35. IoT Based Food Spoilage Detection System using Arduino

36. Automatic Power Cut Failure Alert LED Indicator - Life Hacks For Led Light - Amazing School Project

37. Arduino Based Moving Message Display Using Bluetooth | Scrolling Display using P10 + Arduino

38. Arduino Interface With Optical Dust Sensor

39. Smart Home Connectivity using WiFi and Bluetooth

40. NodeMCU Project: IOT Car Parking System Project using ESP8266

41. Smart Traffic Light Control System with Automatic Speed Breaker / Barrier

42. Happy New Year 2020 Front Text Scrolling LED Wall Panel

43. How to connect servo motor to Arduino | 0 to 180 degree Rotation Control

44. Fire Fighting Robot Controlling using Arduino with Bluetooth/WiFi

45. Traffic Light Priority Control For Emergency Vehicle

46. Arduino Based Fire Fighting Robot

47. Gas Leakage Detector using Arduino and GSM Module with SMS Alert

48. Smart Blind Stick Project using Arduino and Sensors

49. Arduino Based Saline Bottle Weight calculation and Alert System

50. Smart Wrist Band For Women Safety

51. Arduino Visitors Counter | Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor counter

52. Microcontroller Based Automatic School / College Bell using Timers | School Bells | College Bells

53. Fingerprint Based ATM Security System

54. A Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Monitoring Sensor Data

55. Coin Based Toll Gate System | Coin Sensing Automated Toll Gate

56. RFID Attendance System with SMS Notification Using Arduino

57. Smart Helmet: Smart Solution for Bike Riders and Alcohol Detection with Auto Ignition

58. Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Using GSM - SMS

59. Automotive Vehicle Control Safety System Using (CAN) Controller Area Network

60. RFID Based Water Vending Machine System | Automatic Water Dispenser using Microcontroller

61. Control of Robot using Wi-fi and Bluetooth with Arduino

62. Vehicle Theft Alert & Engine Lock System Using Arduino

63. Internet of Things(IOT)-Enabled Accident Detection and Reporting System for Smart City Environments

64. GPS and GSM Based Self Defense System for Person Safety

65. GPS Based Voice Alert System for the Blind People using ARM7 LPC2148


67. IOT Circuit Breaker Project Using NodeMCU (ESP8266)

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