Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Bus Boarding System for Visually Impaired Passengers

1.       RFID
based Smart Bus using Embedded System,
2.       Bus
Boarding System for Visually Impaired Passengers,
3.       smart
bus boarding system for visually impaired passengers,
4.       Bus
Identification Device for Blind People using Arduino,
5.       Bus
Detection System for Blind People Using RFID – Semantic,
6.       Smart
bus alert system for easy navigation of the blind,
7.       Implementation
Of RFID For Blind Bus Boarding System,
8.       Navigation
of Blind People Using Passenger Bus Alert System,
9.       Smart
Bus Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind ,
10.    Bus
Detection System for Blind People to Track The Bus,
11.    BUS
12.    Bus
Detection Device for the Blind Using RFID Application,
13.    Assisting
Visually Impaired People in the Public Transport,
14.    An
Interactive Wireless Communication System for Visually,
15.    Smart
Bus System for Visually Challenged People,
16.    Journal
of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends,
17.    Technology
Guides Blind Transit Riders Right to the Bus Door,
18.    An
IoT Based Public Bus Boarding Aid for the Visually Impaired,
19.    Passenger
BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind,
20.    RFID
Based Audio Guidance Cane for Blind People,
21.    DTC
to allow free travel for visually-challenged passengers,
22.    Bus
Rapid Transit Accessibility Guidelines - World Bank,
23.    Metroshuttle
improves travel for deaf and visually impaired,
24.    Improving
Accessibility of Public Transport Information for the RFID ,
25.    Bus
Boarding System for the Mobility Handicapped,
26.    Need
for improved accessibility in public transportation,

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