Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Control FAN Speed and LIGHT using TV Remote

Control FAN and LIGHT using TV remote | Control of
Lights + Fan using Wi-fi and Bluetooth |Arduino Based Home Automation using TV
Remote | IR Remote Controlled Home Automation Project using Arduino | Smart
Home Automation Using Arduino and Infrared Remote | Arduino Controlled using TV
or IR Remote.
1.       Control
FAN and LIGHT using TV remote,
2.       Control
your LEDs with your TV remote - Arduino IR Tutorial,
3.       Using
IR Remote Controls with the Arduino,
4.       HACKED:
TV Remote becomes an RF Remote || nRF24L01,
5.       Use
Infrared sensor & IR Remote control on Arduino – Tutorial,
6.       EEVblog
- IR Remote Control Arduino Protocol Tutorial,
7.       How
to make voice control home automation system using Arduino,
8.       Control
your room lights and fan using TV remote,
9.       How
to make ir remote control home automation using Arduino multiple channel,
10.    Infrared
(IR) Remote control. Arduino,
11.    Control
your Infrared Devices from the Internet with IR Remote (Arduino / Raspberry Pi
12.    Control
a Stepper Motor using an IR Remote and Arduino UNO – Tutorial,
13.    Arduino
Controlled using TV or IR Remote - TV/DVD Remote Decode,
14.    Fast
Hacks - Clone Infrared Signals with Arduino,
15.    How
to hack any IR Remote using Arduino,
16.    Dish
Antenna Position Controller Using TV Remote,
17.    Control
any Electronics with a TV Remote | Arduino IR Tutorial,
18.    Arduino
Controlling LEGO Power Functions Motor Part 2: IR Remote Control,
19.    Arduino
Home Automation: Control Your TV, Air Conditioner, Fan, etc. with an Infrared
20.    How
to Decode any IR remote |TV,DVD,AC any other,
21.    Sinhala
Arduino Tutorial 08 - IR Remote Controller (TV remote),
22.    How
to Control Arduino Robot Car with TV Remote Control | Infrared Remote IR,
23.    Using
IR Signals to Control TV,
24.    ARDUINO:
25.    5-min
Tutorials: Arduino IR Remote & Receiver,
26.    Remote
Controlled AC Fan Regulator using Arduino,
27.    Arduino
- Control LED's with IR Remote Control,
28.    Tutorial
on Infrared sensor TSOP 1738 with Arduino | Connections & Coding,
29.    ESP8266
As A WiFi Controlled Universal Remote,
30.    Android
Remote Control TV or other IR devices,
31.    Arduino
IR Remote Control Do it yourself,
32.    Remote
control Fan- IR remote control Circuit using IC 555 Timer,
33.    Arduino
Project: MP3 player with IR remote control DIY,
34.    Apple
Remote as a Universal Remote Control using Arduino [Anything Arduino],
35.    Bluetooth
& IR Remote - Elegoo Arduino Smart Robot Car Part 2,
36.    How
to Decode IR Remote Control Signals,
37.    Using
a VS1838B IR Sensor to Remotely Control an Arduino Project,
38.    Arduino
control LEDS with IR remote,
39.    IR
Remote Control For Home Appliances Using Arduino Multiple Channel,
40.    Arduino
turn off lights with TV remote - 120V relay,
41.    App
Inventor 2 - Arduino + Android Tv remote,
42.    Fast
Hacks -17 - Remote Control your Computer using Arduino,
43.    [Basic]Arduino
IR remote Control: Control LED using TV Remote,
44.    TUTORIAL:
How to Quickly Setup Infrared IR Remote Control Sensor with ESP32 - Arduino -
45.    How
to use Arduino as TV Remote Controller with Infrared,
46.    Arduino
IR Remote Control,
47.    Controlling
Servo motor with IR Remote using Arduino code,
48.    Arduino
Controlled Remote Door Opener using Servo Motor,
49.    Control
remote universal: Control to TV con Arduino,
50.    Control
LED with IR Remote Control + Arduino,
51.    ESP
8266 NodeMCU RGB LED Strip controlled by a web server remote,
52.    Make
your own TV remote controlled car| Super easy Arduino tutorial,
53.    IR
Remote Control For Home Appliances Using Arduino Multiple Channel,
54.    Magnetic
Loop Antenna controlled by Arduino and infrared,
55.    Home
Automation With TV Remote in HINDI,
56.    Tutorial:
Controlling an Arduino with an Infrared (IR) Remote Control,
57.    HOW
58.    How
to Control Your TV With an ARDUINO,
59.    Using
Infrared sensor & IR Remote control with an Arduino,
60.    Home
Automation using Arduino and IR Remote,
61.    Arduino
remote controlled camera mount – ir object tracking shield,
62.    NEC
Protocol IR remote control decoder using PIC16F877A CCS PIC C,
63.    Bluetooth
to IR TV Remote using Android Phone, Arduino and I2C EEPROM,
64.    ARDUINO
how to build your own universal IR remote control,
65.    Arduino
- Voice controlled TV remote,
66.    IR
Remote Controlled Home Automation Using Arduino,
67.    Control
de Led RGB con Infrarrojos: Arduino + Protocol NEC,
68.    Measuring
IR Remote's Frequency,Time,Protocol using only Arduino | IR remote protocol
69.    Arduino
IR Remote Controller switch (Relay),
70.    Arduino
TV (IR) Remote Controlled Car,
71.    Arduino
DC motor control with IR remote control,
72.    HOW
73.    Arduino
IR Remote Control Sensor,
74.    Control
FAN and LIGHT using TV Remote and Arduino with Circuit and Code | Home
Automation project,
75.    Motors
Controlled Using IR Remote and L293D IC with Arduino,
76.    Controlling
DC motor with IR Remote controller using Arduino and L293D,
77.    Make
Yourself a TV Remote Controlled Arduino Robot,
78.    Sony
TV IR Remote controlled Car using TSOP IR Sensor by Ashwin Daniel,
79.    Controlling
DC Motors with Arduino and IR Remote,
80.    How
to make IR Remote Control Home Automation Using Arduino | Arduino Project,
81.    TV/DVD
Remote Decode using Arduino and vs1838b IR receiver and using it in Home
82.    IR
Remote Controlled Car Using Arduino UNO,

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