Saturday, 21 September 2019

A Smart Glove That Controls Remote Devices

1. Sign Language to Speech Conversion using Arduino,

2. Sign Recognisation for Dump and Deaf people using Android App,

3. Sign language communication using flex sensors,

4. Sign Language Translator Glove, Made with Arduino, Inspired by,

5. Sign Language Glove with Voice Synthesizer | EngineersGarage,


7. Sign Language to Speech Conversion using Arduino – IJRIER,


9. Sign Language to Speech Translation System Using PIC,

10. Arduino Project: Gloves that translate Sign Language into Text and,

11. Hand Gesture Recognition Using Sign Language, - IJESC,

12. Aurdino based gesture recognition system to bridge the gap between,

13. Magic glove( sign to voice conversion) – SlideShare,

14. 'SignAloud' Transliterates ASL to Speech
#Arduino https://blog.adafruit,

15. hand talk using flex sensor with voice output,

16. sign language translator Arduino,

17. sign language glove arduino code,

18. sign language glove with voice synthesizer,

19. sign language translation project report,

20. sign language to speech converter,

21. arduino glove sign language,

22. sign language translator glove project,

23. Smart Speaking Glove-Virtual tongue for Deaf and Dumb – IJAREEIE,

24. Sign Language Glove - Worcester Polytechnic Institute,

25. Sign Language Glove using Arduino – IJRASET,

26. interactive glove – IJIEEE,

27. Multiple Sign Language Translation into Voice Message - International,

28. An Arduino-powered Sign Language Translator | Freetronics,

29. Sign Language Translation - Cornell ECE - Cornell University,

30. Hand Glove To Translate Sign Language – IJSTE,

31. talking gloves - Ethesis@nitr,

32. A Review Paper on Smart Glove - Converts Gestures into Speech and,


34. Hand-talk Gloves with Flex Sensor: A Review – IJESI,

35. Interacting Device for Deaf & Dumb using Atmega 328 Processor,

36. Digital Vocalizer System for Speech and Hearing Impaired – ijarcce,

37. Hand gesture recognition and voice conversion system for, -,

38. givening voice to mute people using flex sensor – IJARIIE,

39. Glove that Translates Sign Language into Text and Speech,

40. sign language into speech glove MEE4 project,

41. Sign language-to-speech translating glove,

42. Voice to Sign Language System,

43. Arduino Project: Gloves that translate Sign Language into Text and,

44. Students develop gloves that translate sign language into speech,

45. Signaloud gloves translate sign language into speech,

46. Hand Talk Assistive Technology for Deaf & Dumb People Using Flex,

47. IEEE PROJECTS 2012 E&I-American Sign Language based Hand,

48. Voice to Text Conversion using Android Arduino by Prof Aniket,

49. Arduino Smart Talking Glove,

50. Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech,

51. SignAloud: Gloves that Transliterate Sign Language into Text and,

52. Arduino Text To Speech using PWM,

53. Portable Sign Language Recognition - Android,

54. MY039 - Malaysian Sign Language (KTBM) Translator and,

55. gesture talk,

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