Tuesday, 24 September 2019

2019-2020 IEEE Projects for ECE - 2019-2020 Embedded

[MAJOR PROJECTS 2019-2020]
Raspberry Pi/8051/AVR/Arduino/ARM7/MSP430 Based Projects
1.       ---------------------------------------------------------------
108.            IoT Based Smart Door Lock System
112.            IOT Home Automation using Arduino
118.            IOT PROJECTS: Arduino Home Security System
125.            load cell using arduino
133.            PC Based LCD Scrolling Message Display
152.            Smart Agriculture Using IOT
158.            Smart Farming using IOT
165.            Smart Trolley using RFID
166.            smoke detector using 8051 microcontroller
182.            Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS - GSM
185.            Voice Recognition Based Home Automation
186.            water level detection for overhead tank

All IOT Projects List
1.        IOT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Project
2.        IOT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System
3.        Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System using IOT Project
4.        IOT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System
5.        IOT Based Heart Monitoring System Using ECG
6.        IOT based Anti-theft Flooring System using Raspberry Pi
7.        Raspberry Pi based Weather Reporting Over IOT
8.        IOT Based Monitoring System for Comatose Patients
9.        IOT Early Flood Detection & Avoidance
10.     IOT Garbage Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi
11.     IOT Circuit Breaker Project
12.     Women Safety Night Patrolling IOT Robot
13.     IOT Mining Tracking & Worker Safety Helmet
14.     IOT Flood Monitoring & Alerting System
15.     IOT Prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System
16.     Raspberry Pi Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring System Over IOT
17.     IOT Energy Meter with Current, Voltage and Cost Monitoring System
18.     IOT Industry Protection System Arduino
19.     IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
20.     IOT Smart Energy Grid
21.     IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project
22.     IOT Car Parking System
23.     Smart Dustbin With IOT Notifications
24.     IOT Smart Mirror With News & Temperature
25.     IOT Garbage Monitoring With Weight Sensing
26.     IOT Asset tracking System
27.     IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System
28.     Biometric Attendance System Over IOT
29.     IOT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot
30.     IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
31.     IOT Electronic Door Opener
32.     IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
33.     IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
34.     IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
35.     IOT Garbage Monitoring System
36.     IOT Based Home Automation
37.     IOT Based Office Automation
38.     IOT Based Industry Automation
39.     IOT Weather Reporting System
40.     IOT Based Antenna Positioning System
41.     IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System
42.     IOT Solar Power Monitoring System
43.     IOT Streetlight Controller System
44.     IOT Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controller System
45.     IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi
46.     IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project
47.     IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
48.     Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
49.     IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
50.     IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project
51.     IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
52.     IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
53.     IOT Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi

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