Friday, 7 January 2022

RaspberryPi Pico Based Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas | Veh...

RaspberryPi Pico Based Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas | Vehicle Speed Limit Controller | Vehicle Speed Limit Controller | RaspberryPi Pico Based Automatic Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas | Vehicle speed control in specific zones using RFID transmitter and receiver | ARDUINO based Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas|Demonstrated on Vehicle | RF | Automatic speed control of vehicle at school zones | How to make a Car Speed Detector using Arduino and IR Sensor ****************************************************************** If You Want To Purchase the Full Project or Software Code Mail Us: Title Name Along With You-Tube Video Link Project Changes also Made according to Student Requirements M1: +91 9491535690  M2: +91 7842358459 ****************************************************************** 1. Vehicle Speed Limit Controller | ARDUINO Based Automatic Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas, 2. Automatic Speed Control and Accident Avoidance of Vehicle Using Multi Sensors, 3. Vehicle Speed Limit Controller Project, 4. Infrared ray sensor based Vehicle Speed checker and over speed detector, 5. Vehicle Speed Limit Controller Atmega Microcontroller Based Project Electronics, 6. FABRICATION ON VEHICLE OVER SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM IN SCHOOL ZONE, 7. fabrication on vehicle over speed control system, 8. Implementation of a Speed Control and Accident Avoidance Of vehicle using Multi Sensors with Arduino, 9. Accident Avoidance and Detection on Highways, 10. ARDUINO based Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas|Demonstrated on Vehicle|RF, 11. Automated watering with Solenoid valve by Arduino | Soil Moisture Sensor | Smart Irrigation, 12. OTP Based Ration Distribution System Using RFID and GSM, 13. Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring System using LabVIEW and Zigbee, 14. A Unique Home Automation System through MEMS Based Appliance Control, 15. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera | ZIGBEE | GSM | V380 | METAL | ARM7LPC2148, 16. MSP430 Based Women Safety Security System using GSM and GPS, 17. ESP8266 WiFi Control with Android App, 18. Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Multiple Bulbs using Arduino, 19. IOT Based Garbage Level Monitoring Over Internet using NodeMCU - ESP8266 & ThingSpeak Cloud, 20. Automatic Water Level Controller with Message Alerts using GSM and Arduino, 21. GSM and Telegram Based Smart Irrigation with Solar Panel | Arduino | ESP32, 22. IOT Based Saline Bottle Level Monitoring System | Live Tracking of Smart Saline Monitoring using IOT, 23. Manual / Automatic Turn ON & OFF Water Pump Using Cellphone Missed Calls and Arduino, 24. Greenhouse Remote Farm Field Monitoring System using ARM7, ZIGBEE, GSM and LabVIEW, 25. IOT Based Smart Farming Crop Protection System From Animals Using ARDUINO & GSM, 26. IOT and Cloud Server Based Wearable Agricultural Sensors Monitoring System, 27. Smart Saline Level Monitoring System Using Load Cell Sensor and GSM - SMS Alert, 28. RASPBERRY PI WATER QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM WITH SENSORS | IOT | PYTHON, 29. ESP32 CAM Surveillance Car | SPY Camera Car | Send Captured Image to Telegram | GPS | GSM -SMS Alert, 30. Automated Attendance System Using Arduino + Fingerprint + RFID + GSM with SMS Notification, 31. Vehicle Accident Prevention and Reporting System using GPS and GSM and ALCOHOL Sensors, 32. Zigbee Based Wireless Biometric Finger Print Electronic Voting System Project using Arduino, 33. Smart Agriculture Using Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi | Python, 34. IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi 3 | Python, 35. Call and Message using Arduino and Smart Wrist Band For Women Safety Using GSM GPS, 36. Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Engine Locking System for Drunken Drivers, 37. GSM with SOLAR Based Irrigation Watering System using Soil Moisture Sensors, 38. GSM + GPS + ADXL335 MEMS + VIBRATION + SOS + ARDUINO | ACCIDENT ALERT SYSTEM, 39. Passport Verification System Using RFID and Zigbee Technology, 40. AirPi Mobile Weather and Air Quality Measuring Station using Raspberry Pi, 41. IoT and Cloud Based Environment Monitoring System Using Arduino, 42. IOT based Smart School Bus Monitoring and Notification System With Child Security, 43. Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue Information with Anti lock Braking System Using ARM7 - LPC2148, 44. Automatic GAS Booking System and Leakage Detection using IOT, 45. Water Boiler Temperature Control using Arduino with LABView, 46. Temperature and Heartbeat Monitoring System Using Arduino with IoT, 47. Density Based 4 Way Traffic Light Control System with IR Sensor and Priority for Emergency Vehicles, 48. Arduino + ESP32-CAM Based Women/Child/Kids Tracking and Send Captured Image to Telegram | GSM | GPS,

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