Monday 4 November 2019

Magic glove( sign to voice conversion) using PIC16F877A with 4 flux Sensors

1. Magic glove sign to voice conversion using PIC16F877A with 4 flux Sensors,

2. Magic glove( sign to voice conversion),

3. Hand gesture recognition and voice conversion system,

4. smart gloves for hand gesture recognition using sign,

5. Hand-talk Gloves with Flex Sensor,

6. Gesture to speech conversion for the dumb using arduino,


8. Limitations of smart gloves for deaf and dumb,

9. sign language to speech conversion using arduino with 4 flux sensors,

10. how does sign language to speech conversion work,

11. sign language to speech converter project,

12. gesture to speech conversion for the dumb using arduino,

13. hand talk using flex sensor with voice output,

14. sign language glove arduino code,

15. hand gesture recognition using flex sensors,

16. sign language glove with voice synthesizer,

17. Sign Language to Speech Conversion using Arduino with 4,

18. Sign Language to Speech Translation System Using PIC,

19. Flex Sensor Glove,

20. Gesture vocalizer ieee paper,

21. Hand gesture recognition using flex sensors with voice output,

22. Magic glove( sign to voice conversion) using PIC16F877A with 4 flux Sensors,


24. PIC Microcontroller programming with PICkit 2 - Using MPLABX IDE,

25. IOT Based Remote Patient Monitoring System with Raspberry PI, Python,

26. Automatic Speed Control and Accident Avoidance Of vehicle using Multi Sensors,

27. how to make smart garbage monitoring system using arduino and iot,

28. Temperature and Humidity Controller For Incubator,

29. iot based air pollution monitoring system using arduino,

30. Password Based Circuit Breaker using 8051 Microcontroller,

31. Smoke Detection using MQ-2 Gas Sensor with Arduino Text to Speech TTS,

32. Smart Glove For Deaf And Dumb,

33. IOT Smart Dustbin Using NodeMCU and ESP8266,

34. Alcohol Detecting and Notification System for Controlling Drink Driving,

35. ARDUINO IOT: RFID Based Mobile Payment System GSM-GPRS Network,

36. An WEB Based Remote Vehicle Monitoring System on Google Map,

37. IOT Based Door Lock-Unlock by NodeMCU | WiFi Home Door Lock | ESP8266 | iot project | Arduino,

38. An IoT Based Car Accident Prevention and Detection System with Sensors,

39. How to Program ARM7 LPC2148 | Dumping hex file to LPC2148 Using Flash Magic,

40. WiFi Controlled Robot Car Using NodeMCU | V380 Live Camera Monitoring System,

41. Voice Controlled Home Automation System | How to make voice control home,

42. Automatic Street Light Control System Using RTC,

43. A Smart Glove That Controls Remote Devices,

44. Web Based Underground Cable Fault Detection Over Google Maps,

45. How to upload program in 8051 microcontroller,

46. How to use Five Ultrasonic sensors with Arduino To Excel Communication,

47. Thank YOU for 40k Subscribers on my YouTube Channel | P10 LED Display Screen,

48. Interfacing of Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors (3 HC-SR04 ) With Arduino,

49. Programmable Timer With Programmable On/Off Delays,

50. Foot Step Power Generation With Automatic Garden watering using Soil Moisture Sensor and Arduino,

51. Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using Android

52. Automatic School Bell System,

53. Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Arduino - Android Mobile,


55. Women’s Safety Device With GSM Tracking & Alerts,

56. Rain Sensor + Soil Moisture Sensor GARDENA Watering system,

57. Smoke Detector using Arduino with MQ2 Sensor and Voice Alert (Text-to-Speech (TTS)),

58. Arduino based Text to Speech TTS Converter,

59. Password Based Door Lock Security System Using Arduino and Keypad,

60. Voice Based Door Accessing & Devices on / off Control System,

61. Wireless RF Remote Controlled Robot without Microcontroller,

62. 2.4 inch Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Home Automation System,

63. Arduino Based Electronic Notice Board Using GSM and LCD,

64. Alcohol Detection and Accident Prevention of Vehicle,

65. RF remote control home automation using Arduino | Wireless RF control circuit for home appliances,

66. Arduino Calculator | 2.4" TFT LCD | Touch screen Calculator using Arduino,

67. DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller,

68. Finger Print Based Biometric Electronic Voting Machine using Arduino,

69. Home Automation using NodeMCU | Build an ESP8266 Web Server with Arduino IDE,

70. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Car Using NodeMCU ESP8266 & Android Smartphone App,

71. Vehicle Tracking Over Google Maps using NodeMCU with ESP8266,

72. IOT Based Smart Car Parking System Using NodeMCU,

73. NodeMCU : Interfacing EM -18 RFID Reader with ESP8266,

74. GPS Interfacing with NodeMCU Getting Location Data on LCD,

75. NodeMCU ESP8266 Interface with 16×2 LCD Display Screen,

76. Vehicle Theft Detection and Tracking Based on GSM and GPS - LPC1768 Cortex-M3,

77. Traffic Light Control System using Microcontroller,

78. IOT Based Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi,

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