Thursday, 8 December 2016

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1.     IOT: Railway track crack detection robot USING GSM-GPS
2.     IoT: Smart Home / Home Automation Using Internet of Things (IoT)
4.     IOT Project: Smart Home Automation Using GPRS,EMAIL & SMS ALERT
5.     IOT Projects : Patient Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi
6.     REAL-TIME GPS - GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking & Navigation System Displayed on Google Map - IOT
7.     Remote Temperature | GAS | FIRE | LDR | PIR | Sensor's Monitoring on Internet with Arduino GPRS
8.     Sensors Data Monitoring on website through Arduino GPRS
9.     Smart Security Solution for Women based on Internet Of ThingsIOT
10. IoT Based Industrial Automation
12. IOT based industrial automation using AT89S52
13. IOT Based Project: RFID Canteen Management System
15. IOT Based Projects: Intelligent Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection System Using GPRS
16. IOT Based Projects: Women safety device using internet of things
17. IOT Based self controlled robot for Military Applications purpose
18. IoT Based Vehicle Accident Detection and Tracking System Using GSM and GPS Modem
19. IOT Home Automation using Arduino
20. A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network using Arduino GPRS
21. Android Speech controlled Pick and Place robot using wireless Bluetooth App - IOT Projects
22. Arduino Based Smart Home Automation Using Android Bluetooth Voice Commands - IOT
24. Industrial IoT : Web Based Remotely Monitoring Temperature | GAS | FIRE | LDR | PIR - SENSORS
26. IOT Based A Reconfigurable smart sensor interface for industrial - Home WSN
28. IOT Based Home Automation Using GPRS
29. IOT Based Home Automation,Data Acquisition system Using GPRS, SMS & E-Mail Alert
31. IOT Projects : RFID Based Mobile Payment System Using GSM - GPRS Network
32. IOT PROJECTS: Arduino Home Security System
33. IOT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Tracking System Using GSM and GPS Modem
34. IOT Vehicle Positioning System with Exact Location Address Based On ARM11 Raspberry Pi
36. voice based home automation using Internet of Things ( IoT ) - IOT Based Projects
37. Voice controlled led scrolling display using wireless Bluetooth Android smart phone - IOT
38. Women Safety Security System using 8051 and GPRS
39. A Reconfigurable smart sensor interface for industrial Home WSN in IOT Environment
40. Speech Recognition based Home Automation using Android
1.Internet of Things based Smart Environmental
2.Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting for power saving applications and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
3.Display of Underground Cable Fault Distance over IoT
4.Energy Meter Reading over IoT
5.Remote monitoring of transformer or generator health over internet
6.Home automation under Wi-Fi through Android apps from any smart phone
7.Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
8.Automatic plant irrigation system with dry / wet soil sense and controlling 230V water pump for agricultural applications and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
9.Weather station monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
10.Advanced railway track fault detection and reporting over internet of things (IoT)
11.Industrial device control over IoT based Wi -Fi module
12.Application for Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (IoT)
13.Petrochemical Level Indicator and Controller for Automation of cotton purification process in spinning mills with IoT monitoring
14.An IoT-Aware Architecture for Smart Healthcare Systems
15.Transfer Learning in Body Sensor Networks Using Ensembles of Randomized Trees.

16Touch Panel Based Advanced Home Automation System For Next Generation Apartments Using ZIGBEE
17Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Management System For Handicapped Persons
18Touch Panel Based Modern Restaurants Atomization Using ZIGBEE Technology
19Touch Panel Based Wheel Chair For Handicapped Persons

20Automated Voice Based Home Navigation System For The Elderly And The Physically Challenged
21Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System
22Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot For Physically Challenged
23Voice Enable Device Switching For Physically Challenged And Emergency Alerts Through SMS
24Location Finding for Blind People Using Voice Navigation Stick

25Advanced Smart Card Based Digital Energy Meter Using ARM Microcontroller using zigbee
26Advanced Smart Card Based Power Access Control System Using Microcontroller
27A Hierarchical Algorithm For Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Using RFID Sensor Fusion
28An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RF technology
29Design And Construction Of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Vehicle Recognition
30Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On RFID And Network
31Employee Id And Attendance Maintenance Using Smart Card
32Examination Room Guide Using RFID For The Jumbling System Based Exams

33 Human Recognition Using RFID Technology And Stereo Vision

34Industrial Electrical Appliances Control System Using RFID
35Metal Detection Robot Control Using RFID
36Occupancy Monitoring Using Passive RFID Technology For Efficient Building Lighting Control
37Passive RFID Based Low Cost Implementation Of Multipurpose Cards Using Centralized citizen database
38RFID Based Remote Parent Care (RFID & GSM)
39RFID AND GSM Based Intelligent Courier Mailbox System With Automatic Delivery Notification
40RFID Based Automatic Bus Ticketing System
41Bus number announcement and identification for blind people
42RFID Based Highway Toll Collection System
44RFID Based Individual Account Holder For Petrol Filling Station
45RFID Based Paid Car Parking
46RFID Based Security System Using Micro Controller
47RFID Based Student No Dues Status Checking And Paying System And Displaying
48RFID Warehouse Robot
49Robot Control Using TV Remote
50 Accessible Display Design To Control Home Area Networks
51Smart Card Based Access Control And Bank Security System
52Smartcard Based Door Accessing System For MNC’S
53Remote Monitoring And Anti Theft Using Smart Card Operated Lock GPS AND GSM
54Student Data Logging System Into College Website Based On RFID
55The Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government-Issued RFID-Based Identification

56Application Of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot In Defense
57Remote surveillance robot
58Mobile Controlled Robot
Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System
60Bomb Detecting Robot Using GSM And GPS
61Design And Conceptual Development Of A Sunbathe Laundry Robot
62Design And Development Of Digital PID Controller For Dc Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform For Mobile Robot
63Bomb Detecting Robot
64Design Of An Intelligent Electric Vehicle For Blind
65Live Human Being Detection Wireless Remote Controlled Robot (Useful For Detection Of Terrorists Hiding Inside Buildings)
66Developing Sensors And Real-Time Controlling Software
67Friendly Home Automation System Using Cell Phone
68Intelligent Fire Detecting Robot Using RF Technology
69Led-LDR Based Robot Railway Track Fault Detecting Robot
70Metal Detection Robot Control Using ZIGBEE Wireless Technology
71Mobile Controlled Robot With Camera Or Remote Surveillance Vehicle (Robot With Camera)
72Mobile Controlled Robot With Feedback Sensors
73Cell Phone Operated Land Rover Robot
74PC Controlled Pick And Place Robot
75Multi-Robots Communication System Based On Multi Node Wireless ZIGBEE Network
76Pc Controlled Spy Robot Using Wireless Webcam
77SMS Controlled Pick And Place Robot
78Sound Level Meter With Audio Announcement For Library
79Intelligent Spy Robot Using ZIGBEE
80Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot For Physically Challenged
81Wheelchair Obstacle Avoidance Based On Fuzzy Controller And Ultrasonic Sensors
82building a smart home system with wsn and service robot

83A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure For Greenhouse Management
84Anti Theft System For Electronic Equipments Using Inertial MEMS Sensor And ZIGBEE
85A Parking Guidance And Information System Based On Wireless Sensor Network
86Automated Voice Based Home Navigation System For The Elderly And The Physically Challenged
87A Wireless Sensor Network Node Design Based On ZIGBEE Protocol
88A ZIGBEE SMS Alert System With Trust Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks
89Based On Wireless Sensor Network Coal Mine Gas Monitoring System
90Creating A Single Communication Link Between 2 Wireless Communications (IR+ZIGBEE)

91 Deploying ZIGBEE Sensor Network For Vibration Measurement

92Design Of Electronic Blood Pressure Monitoring System Based On Mobile Telemedicine System
93Development Of Gas Leak Detection And Location System Based On Wireless Technology

94 Home Automation Using ZIGBEE

95Implementation Of Remote Temperature-Measuring By Using A Thermopile For Wireless Sensor Network
96 Intelligent Wireless Emergency Alert System For Patient Monitoring Using At89s52 Microcontroller
97Locking And Unlocking Of Theft Vehicles Using GSM (Theft Control System)
98Low Power Wireless Sensor Network For Building Monitoring
99Low Power Wireless Sensor Node For Human Centered Transportation System
100Messenger Development Without Internet Using ZIGBEE
101Online Monitoring Of Geological Co2 Storage And Leakage Based On Wireless Sensor Networks
102Monitoring Patients’ Signs Wirelessly
103More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based On ZIGBEE Communication And infrared rays
104Remote Controllable And Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based On ZIGBEE
105Remote Management And Control System For Led Based Plant Factory Using ZIGBEE
106 Remote Monitoring System Of ECG And Body Temperature Signals
107Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger Using ZIGBEE 802.15.4 Protocol
108Security Integrated System Based On Wireless Access Protocol For Industrial Applications
109Towards More Efficient Building Energy Management Systems
110Two-Way Wireless Data Messaging System For Rural Areas Using ZIGBEE Technology
111Under Water Wireless Control And Transmission System Based ZIGBEE
112Wireless ECG Monitoring And Alarm System Using ZIGBEE
113Customizable Wireless Sensor Node To Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Leakage
114ZIGBEE Based Access Control System Using At89s52
115ZIGBEE Based Vehicle Access Control System For Various Industrial Purpose
116ZIGBEE Based Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miners
117A Human Detection Method For Residential Smart Energy Systems Based On ZIGBEE RSSI Changes
118An Enhanced ZIGBEE Indoor Positioning System With An Ensemble Approach
119A Reliable Transmission Protocol For ZIGBEE-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring
120Design Of Automatic Energy Meter Reading Based On ZIGBEE
121Parking Spaces Detection In Indoor Environments Based On ZIGBEE

122Android based password based door lock system for industrial applications
123Android based digital heart beat rate and temperature monitoring system
124Electronic notice board with led dot matrix display and ps2 keyboard interfacing for user friendly message entry
125Android based vehicle tracking system
126WIFI and laptop based advanced industrial automation
127E-restaurant using android application
128Wifi for vehicular communication system
129E-circular for students through wifi
130Women Security Assistance system with GPS tracking and messaging system
131Android based hand gesture based robot control using MEMS technology
132 Android controlled multi-terrain robot designed to travel on water surface, indoor and outdoor uneven surfaces

133Advance question paper leakage control system design
134GPS based asset vehicle/animal/child tracking system
135Automatic power meter reading using gsm network
136Wireless remote and status enquiry for smart industries
137A microcontroller-based e-emergency system
138Electronic service provider with billing printer
139Child activity recognition based on tri-axial accelerometer and location identification using wsn
140Economical fully centralized system in building automation with wireless sensor networks
141Green home energy management system through comparison of energy usage between the same kinds of home appliances
142Live bus stops and modern buses technology
143Reliability of an embedded surveillance system with security approach
144Friendly assistive technology for home automation and prototype assistive talking
145 Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system via sms through microcontroller
146Sms based wireless electronic notice board using gsm/cdma/3g mobile phone

147Prototype of finger print based licensing system for driving
148Voice-Customizable Text-To-Speech for intelligent Home care Systems
149Integration of face recognition and sound detection for a smart door phone system
150Advance security for home through voice and finger print recognition
151Iris based smart car security system
152A Coat With Heart Attack Detector
153Electronic Medical Record For Effective Patient Monitoring Database
154Biomedical Signals Monitoring Based In Mobile Computing
155Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring Through ZIGBEE Wireless
156Secured Electronic Voting Machine using Biometric

157Wireless ATM SECURITY with GSM and MEMS Using ARM7
158Sms based pwm speed and direction control of dc motor using h-bridge and gsm.
159Design of an intelligent sms based remote electricity metering and billing system
160passenger bus alert system for easy navigation of blind
161The wireless transmission design of a novel electronic current transformer
162Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system using wireless Sensor network using GSM
163Harmful gases wireless network technologies monitoring system design using zigbee , gsm technology.
164A dynamic secret based encryption scheme for smart grid wireless
165A Bi-Directional Guard System Design Of Car Based On GPS & GSM
166Accident Detection For Release Airbag Using GSM, GPS&MEMS Using Atmel Controller
167Development Of Gas Leak Detection And Location System Based On Wireless Technology
168GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services
169In-Building Lighting Management System With Wireless Communications
170GPS And GSM Based Real-Time Human Health Monitoring And Alert System For Cardiac Patients

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