Wednesday, 8 June 2022

QR-Code Based Examination Room Guidance System with Voice Announcement U...

QR-Code Based Examination Room Guidance System with Voice Announcement Using ESP32-CAM and Raspberry Pi Pico | QR-Code Based Examination Room Guidance System Using ESP32-CAM and Raspberry Pi Pico | Examination room guide using RFID and FINGER PRINT for the jumbling system based EXAMS | Android Based College Guide System With RFID Technology | Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication | Examination Room Guide using FINGER PRINT, RFID with Arduino and GSM-SMS Alert Jumbling System EXAMS | Examination Room Guide Using RFID | Projects on wireless sensor networks | Arduino RFID Project. *********************************************************** If You Want To Purchase the Full Working Project KIT Mail Us: Title Name Along With You-Tube Video Link Project Changes also Made according to Student Requirements M1: +91 9491535690  M2: +91 7842358459 We Will Send Working Model Project KIT through DTDC / DHL / Blue Dart / First Flight Courier Service We Will Provide Project Soft Data through Google Drive 1. Project Abstract / Synopsis 2. Project Related Datasheets of Each Component 3. Project Sample Report / Documentation 4. Project Kit Circuit / Schematic Diagram 5. Project Kit Working Software Code 6. Project Related Software Compilers 7. Project Related Sample PPT’s 8. Project Kit Photos 9. Project Kit Working Video links Latest Projects with Year Wise YouTube video Links 135 Projects  151 Projects  103 Projects  61 Projects  171 Projects  170 Projects  67 Projects  55 Projects  43 Projects  900+ Projects *********************************************************** 1. PARK-A-LOT : Automatic Gate Control System with QR Code Based On Vehicle License Plate Recognition 2. Identification and Monitoring of Fishing Boats Tracking System Using QR Code Technologies | ESP32CAM 3. Arduino QR Code Door Lock System with LCD Display 4. Arduino Based Wireless Smart Shopping Cart Using QR Code and ZIGBEE With Add/Delete ITEMS 5. Covid-19 Health Passes Can Open the Door to a Digital ID Unique QR Code Vaccination Certificate -IOT 6. QR-Code Based Examination Room Guidance System Using ESP32-CAM and Raspberry Pi Pico 7. QR Codes For Events: Welcome Scrolling Display Using QR-Code and ESP32-CAM 8. QR Code Based Visitor Management System in Excel 9. Home Automation - Touchless switch Module With QR Code 10. Smart Door Locks Security System using ESP32-CAM with QR Code 11. QR Code Student Attendance Sheet in Excel | How to make an Attendance Sheet in Excel 12. QR Code Based Bank Locker System 13. QR Code Based IOT Car Parking System Using ESP32CAM & IR Sensors 14. QR Code Water Vending Machine Using ESP32 CAM with SMS Alert System 15. QR Code Projects : Digital Bus / Train Pass System Using QR Code | ESP32CAM QR Code Scanner 16. Smart Attendance System - QR Code Student Attendance with SMS 17. QR Code Based Smart Rationing System Using ESP32-CAM and GSM - Ration Subsidy and SMS Alert 18. Smart Shopping Using QR Code and ESP32-CAM | IOT 19. QR Code Based Bus Name Announcement System in Bus Stops | ESP32CAM QR Code Recognition 20. QR Code Based Door Lock System using ESP32-CAM 21. ESP32CAM QR Code Reader | ESP32-CAM-QR Code Scanner 22. Fingerprint Electronic Voting System using Arduino Nano | R307 | NOTA, 23. Body Movement Recognition & Smart Sensors Techniques For Monitor Comatose Patient Monitoring, 24. Soldier Position Tracking System Using Arduino, GSM and GPS Module, 25. IOT Based Indoor Air Quality Monitor With | MQ9 - CO2 | LM35 - Temperature | MQ6 - LPG GAS | Arduino, 26. Biometric Fingerprint Electronic Voting Machine using Arduino | Interfacing R307 Fingerprint Scanner, 27. How to make a Automatic Car Parking System With Empty Slot Detection Using Arduino Uno & IR Sensor's, 28. SOLDIER TRACKING AND HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEMS, 29. Automatic Baby Cradle | Automatic E-Baby Cradle Cry (Sound Sensor) Bed Using Arduino, 30. Automatic Headlight Dimmer / Dipper for Vehicles Using LDR | Inspired Award Project, 31. LPG Gas Leakage Detection and Alert System | Inspired Award Project, 32. Intelligent Energy Meter using GSM Modem with Arduino, 33. Arduino/Android - BLUETOOTH Home Control + APP - HC-05 | 4 - AC Light's | 2 - DC Fan Speed Control, 34. Accident Avoidance and Detection on Highways, 35. Vehicle Engine Lock System for Theft and Alcohol Detection,

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