Friday, 18 March 2022

OTP Based Locker Security System | Raspberry Pi Pico | Fingerprint | GSM...

OTP Based Locker Security System | Raspberry Pi Pico | Fingerprint | ESP32 Cam Send Image to Telegram | GSM - SMS Alert | Telegram: ESP32-CAM Photo | SMS based bank locker security system using GSM modem | OTP Based Bank Locker System Using Arduino with Biometric Fingerprint and GSM - SMS Alert | Arduino Based Bank Locker Security System Using RFID and GSM. *********************************************************** If You Want To Purchase the Full Working Project KIT Mail Us: Title Name Along With You-Tube Video Link Project Changes also Made according to Student Requirements M1: +91 9491535690  M2: +91 7842358459 We Will Send Working Model Project KIT through DTDC / DHL / Blue Dart / First Flight Courier Service We Will Provide Project Soft Data through Google Drive 1. Project Abstract / Synopsis 2. Project Related Datasheets of Each Component 3. Project Sample Report / Documentation 4. Project Kit Circuit / Schematic Diagram 5. Project Kit Working Software Code 6. Project Related Software Compilers 7. Project Related Sample PPT’s 8. Project Kit Photos 9. Project Kit Working Video links Latest Projects with Year Wise YouTube video Links 135 Projects  151 Projects  103 Projects  61 Projects  171 Projects  170 Projects  67 Projects  55 Projects  43 Projects  900+ Projects *********************************************************** 1. SMS Based Bank Locker Security System Using Dual Password And Infrared Sensor, Fingerprint Based Security System, 2. Fingerprint & GSM Based Bank Locker System with OTP Accessing Using Raspberry Pi Pico, 3. Women Security System: ESP32-CAM, GPS, GSM,RaspberryPi PICO,ALARM, SMS / CALL / TELEGRAM PHOTO ALERT, 4. ESP32-CAM Intruder Alert And Photo Capture, GSM Send Text Message | ESP32-CAM Sequrity System, 5. ESP32-CAM PIR Intruder Alert with Photo Capture and Send Image to Telegram App, 6. Esp32cam send captured photo to WhatsApp, 7. OTP Based Bank Locker System Using Arduino with Biometric Fingerprint and GSM - SMS Alert, 8. Smart WiFi Door Lock with camera using ESP32-CAM & Telegram App | Iot Projects, 9. Raspberry Pi Pico + R307 Finger Print + EM18 RFID + SIM800L GSM - SMS Alert -Smart Attendance System, 10. ESP32-CAM Surveillance Camera System Using PIR Sensor | Arduino Home Automation and GSM - SMS Alert, 11. ESP32 CAM Surveillance Car | SPY Camera Car | Send Captured Image to Telegram | GPS | GSM -SMS Alert, 12. ESP32-CAM | Send a Captured images by using Gmail, 13. Raspberry Pi Pico Based Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking and Emergency Alerts, 14. QR-Code Based Examination Room Guidance System Using ESP32-CAM and Raspberry Pi Pico, 15. ESP32-CAM Laser Light Security Alert with Photo Capture and Send Image to Telegram App | IOT, 16. ESP32 Fingerprint Sensor Based Biometric Door Lock Security System, 17. Arduino QR Code Door Lock System with LCD Display, 18. How to make an OTP based smart locking system., 19. Smart Door Locks Security System using ESP32-CAM with QR Code, 20. ESP32CAM | Sending images via UDP, 21. ESP32 CAM Face Detection Door Lock System, 22. RaspberryPi Pico Based Speed Control System in Speed Limited Areas | Vehicle Speed Limit Controller, 23. Raspberry Pi Pico: IoT Based Smart Attendance System Using RFID & GPRS | SMS ALERT, 24. SMS based Bank locker security system using dual password and Infrared sensor, 25. ESP32-CAM Save a captured photo to MySQL, 26. Set up OTP Over Telegram as 2nd factor | 2FA for Telegram | Telgram 2FA, 27. Raspberry Pi Pico Based Turn ON & OFF Water Pump Using Manual / Registered Number Call | SMS Alerts, 28. home security system using esp32 with BLYNK app, 29. BANK LOCKER SECURITY SYSTEM WITH SMS MOBILE ALERT & CALL ALERT, 30. QR Code Based Bank Locker System, 31. How to Build a Secure Webserver on Raspberry Pi based IoT, 32. Fingerprint smart lock system using raspberry pi | Fingerprint security system | Experimentalist, 33. Password Based Security System Using Raspberry Pi Pico & Keypad, 34. FINGER PRINT SCANNER BASED DOOR UNLOCK AND LOCKING SYSTEM USING RASPBERRY PI PICO, 35. Pan Tilt Control using Servos for ESP32 Cam | WiFi Security Camera, 36. ESP8266 RFID based Remote Access Door Lock, RFID and IoT, RFID IoT, smart lock, 37. Remote Control Door Lock/Unlock System Using ESP32 and Telegram | IOT, 38. How to set up GPS with Raspberry pi, 39. How to use Neo 6M GPS module with Raspberry Pi and Python,

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