Thursday 23 September 2021

Home Automation - Touchless switch Module With QR Code

Touchless Switch Board using QR-CODE | ESP32CAM | Use QR codes for touchless user interaction of control interface | Schindler Indonesia QR Touchless Solution | Touchless Elevator APP | QR Code Based Elevator Operation | Touchless Multifunctional Bedside Lamp With Digital Clock | Touchless Switch using QR CODE esp32cam | Arduino UNO based Touch less Door bell using SR04. ****************************************************************** If You Want To Purchase the Full Project or Software Code Mail Us: Title Name Along With You-Tube Video Link Project Changes also Made according to Student Requirements M1: +91 9491535690  M2: +91 7842358459 ****************************************************************** 1. Automatic Smart Touchless Digital Dustbin using Arduino + Ultrasonic Sensor - School Science Project, 2. Touchless Door Bell Covid Special. | D 5 Tech, 3. HOW TO BUILD WAVE SWITCH || TOUCHLESS SWITCH, 4. How To Make A Touchless Doorbell At Home || Smart Doorbell, 5. Touchless Gesture Light Switch Demo, 6. Touchless Switch Board, 7. DIY Make a TouchLess Switch, 8. Entity Detector Using Only Wire on Arduino, 9. How to make Touch Less Switch | Corona Safety | Fair Electro, 10. Touch-less switch using Arduino and IR sensor, 11. Touchless Switch using Arduino DIY - Part 2 – Mini Projects, 12. Touchless Switch Using ST Time-of-Flight, 13. how to make hand sweep switch||DIY touchless switch, 14. Touchless doorbell for Covid-19 || IR Sensor || EIF, 15. Touchless Switch using the TI FDC2214 Evaluation Board, 16. Touchless door bell arduino tinkercad, 17. Homemade Touchless Switch For Home Appliances || Use 555 Timer IC, 18. Touchless IR Sensor Switch, 19. Touchless switch wave on wave off, 20. Contact Less IR Sensor Switch | IR Sensor Smart Switch | Touch Less Switch | BlackT, 21. Menyalakan Lampu tanpa menyentuh - touchless switch, 22. Touchless (covid-19) Doorbell using Arduino and IR sensor, 23. Touchless Gesture Lightswitch - Added fading effects, 24. Touchless soap/sanitizer dispenser Using Arduino, 25. Touchless Switch, 26. Project - Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer using Arduino - Tutorial | -DigitalTransformationPro, 27. COVID-19 | Coronavirus | Touchless Door Bell using Arduino Nano and Ultrasonic sensor | TechNow, 28. Touchless Doorbell using -Arduino || Kedar Shivane, 29. CM 330 - Battery Powered Touchless Switch, 30. How to make Automatic Toilet light || Diy touchless light switch, 31. Saklar ON OFF Tanpa Sentuh ( Touchless Switch ) Dengan Obstacle IR + Arduino, 32. Touch Free Switch using Arduino UNO & IR Sensor, 33. Touchless Door Bell Using Arduino Uno & IR Sensor By Technoesolution | Arduino Project Cov, 34. Saklar Touchless ON-OFF Obstacle IR Tanpa Arduino. [Toggle Switch Obstacle IR Without Arduino], 35. SureWave 6" Round Touchless Switch, 36. Menjadikan Saklar Tanpa Sentuh ( IR Touchless Switch) Sebagai Toggle (ON/OFF) Switch, 37. Ei Bangla | An engineering college student made a touchless switch board device, 38. Touchless doorbell alarm using ultrasonic sensor, 39. Timer Switch using Arduino DIY - Part 3 - Mini Projects, 40. The Contact Less Switch Using Arduino uno and IR sensor, 41. How To Make Hand Gesture Controlled Switch / Touchless Switch, 42. Presentation Touchless-switch, 43. Touchless Switch using Ultrasonic Sensor, 44. Touchless Switch using Arduino UNO, 45. touchless switch for automatic door, 46. IOT Touchless Switch, 47. touchless light system with ultrasonic sensor and arduino, 48. -contact -less -switch -using -ultrasonic -sensor -using -arduino –project, 49. E Tool Arduino Challenge, 50. Touchless Hand Wash Liquid Using Arduino,

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