Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Wireless Multi functional Robot for Military Applications

1.      IOT Based self controlled robot
for Military Applications purpose,
2.      The Electronic Robotics In
Military Applications Information,
3.      The 9 Coolest Military Robots |
MAARS, DOGO, Etc. | Digital Trends,
4.      IoT Based Wireless Multi
functional Robot for Military Applications,
5.      Wireless Multifunctional Robot
for Military Applications Using Android,
6.      Soft Robotics breakthroughs
promise to bring robots into all aspects,
7.      Raspberry pi Military robot with
bomb detection and diffusing MATLAB,
8.      gesture controlled robot for
different application,
9.      How to Make Arduino Gesture
Control Robot | Wireless,
11.  Wireless multifunctional robot
for military applications - IEEE Xplore,
12.  Intelligent Surveillance Robot
with Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities,
13.  Camouflaged Colour Changing Robot
for Military Purpose,
14.  Pattern Recognition Applications
and Methods: 7th International,
15.  Microcontroller based Robotics
Projects for Engineering Students,
16.  Wireless Colour Sensing Arm
17.  International Journal of Advance
Research in Engineering, - ijarest,
18.  A Survey on Intrusion Detection
and Surveillance System for, - ijrts,
19.  Robotics Projects and training
for Engineering Students in Bangalore,
20.  Telesurgery With Miniature Robots
to Leverage Surgical Expertise in,
21.  wireless army robot controlled
for border security comparing - oaijse,
22.  Bluetooth controlled robot using
Android Application,
24.  IoT Based Wireless
Multifunctional Robot for Military Applications,
25.  Wireless Multifunctional Robot
for Military Applications Using Android,
26.  Surveillance Robot for Military
Application | International Journal of,
27.  iot based self controlled robot
for military applications purpose,
28.  Surveillance Robot For Military
Applications Using GPRS And, - ijsart,
29.  Military Companion Robot - IJRTI,
30.  robotics: military applications
for special operations forces - CiteSeerX,
31.  Solar Powered Wireless
Multifunctional Robot - IJERT,
32.  Camouflage Technique Based
Multifunctional Army Robot - IJARECE,
33.  IOT Based self controlled robot
for Military Applications purpose,
34.  unmanned multi-functional robot
using zigbee adopter, - IJARCET,
36.  Surveillance and Target
Engagement using Robots - IOSR journals,
37.  100+ Robotics Projects for Final
Year Engineering Students,
38.  robotics for military
applications ppt,
39.  surveillance robot for military
40.  robotics in military
41.  human following robot for
military applications,
42.  defence surveillance robot,
43.  multipurpose robot project,
44.  military surveillance robot

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