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Raspberry Pi Home Automation Using Wi-Fi and Android Smart Phone             SVSEMBEDDED,
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Raspberry Pi Home Automation Using Wi-Fi and Android Smart Phone



Home automation has become a part of day to day life, this is because to reduce the energy consumption, to increase the security, reduce human efforts.For the efficient usage, it has to be emerged in such a way that, it is more user friendly, energy saving, securedand reliable.This project mainly aims to implement Home automation through Raspberry Pi and Wi-Fi router operated through a smart phone mobile application. This is developed in python environment which the default is programming environment provided by Raspberry Pi. Results show the efficient implementation of proposed algorithm for location based home automation.


The main aim of the project is to design, implement, and regulate Location based Home Automation using Raspberry pi through Smart Phone Application.


·         To design best home automation for the independent home using Raspberry Pi and Wi-Fi Router.
·         To design a Smart Phone application that can efficiently operate the home automation from the remote location.
·         Program the Raspberry Pi to operate the home automation through Wi-Fi router module.
·         To access and operate the Home Automation through Smart phone Application, with the mac address provided by the users Smart Phone.


·         ARM 11(Raspberry Pi Board)
·         Light
·         Fan
·         Heater
·         WIFI Router
·         Door open/close
·         Smart Phone.


·         RASPBIAN OS
·         Python language.


·         Home automation
·         Industrial Surveillance


·         Operation from Remote location.
·         Compatible.
·         Easy to install and Use.

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