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Smart Medicine Box

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Smart Medicine Box 

Smart Medicine Dispenser - Smart Pill Box -
Smart Pill Dispenser - Smart Medicine Box

Project is to build a microcontroller based smart medicine box. Our medicine box is targeted on users who regularly take drugs or vitamin supplements or nurses who take care of the older or patients. Our medicine box is programmable that allows nurses or users to specify the pill quantity and day to take pills, and the serve times for each day. Our smart medicine box contains seven separate sub-boxes. Therefore, nurses or users can set information for seven different pills. When the pill quantity and time have been set, the medicine box will remind users or patients to take pills using sound and light. The specific number of pills needs to be taken will be displayed by a seven segment led display placed on the corresponding sub-box. Compared with the traditional pill box that requires users or nurses to load the box every day or every week. Our smart medicine box would significantly release nurses or users’ burden on frequently preloading pills for patients or users.


There are five major components for our device, including a pill box containing seven separate small boxes;
1.      Speaker module;
2.      3x4 keypad;
3.      Atmel microcontroller;
4.      2x16 characters LCD screen. 
5.      Pill boxes

Functionality of each component: 
Keypad is used for the user or nurse to enter the information of time when the smart box would send “reminder” (displaying numbers and playing synthesized voice). It is also used for the user to enter a number to command a specific pill box to open on a specific day. (say, open No.1 pill box on Monday), and user can also enter the frequency information to take pills for each day. The keypad is also used for stopping the music and led display when the user has taken the pill.  
The 2 line, 16 characters LCD screen is used to display the instruction information, the number of pills need to be taken, and the current time and date. Speaker Module: The speaker module is used to play the synthesized sound to remind the user to take pill.  Pill boxes: We used a pillbox system containing 7 separate small pillboxes. Each box has a seven segment led display placed on the box. For our pill system, the user can store up to seven different types of pills, which can be stored in those seven small separate boxes. He or she can also specify the different combinations of pill boxes to be open for each day.  Microcontroller: One Atmel 1284p is used to execute all the commands mentioned above.
Real time clock:
The real time clock running in our system is implemented by using MCU 16-bits timer to generate 1-second base. Firstly, we will open the compare match interrupt service routine, and set the compare value to 249. Also, we scale the running frequency of timer1 to 1/64. Then, the interval time between each interrupt routine is 0.001 second. We have a volatile variable to run the clock function every 1000 interrupt routines. Then, in the clock function, it will run like a clock. We have separated variable for two digits of seconds, minutes and one variable for hours. We also have a variable for the weekdays. We do not store the year information because we think it is unnecessary

We will be providing the following details on CD / DVD
  1. Abstract
  2. Datasheets
  3. Project Report in PDF format and in doc (word) format
  4. Circuit diagram
  5. PCB layout
  6. Microcontroller program (software code) —–Embedded c code
  7. Sample power point presentation.
  8. HEX file of the microcontroller code
  9. DATASHEETS of all the components / ICs used in the project
  10. Photos & video file on entire project
11.  Power point presentation / PPT file

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